My PC Series

What is the My PC Series?

The My PC Series is a free set of hands-on, jargon-free classroom-based curricula of computer classes developed by Microsoft for delivery through adult learning organizations. Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Essentials–centered curriculum is designed for adults who want to learn new computer skills and has been tested with well over one million students.

What classes are in the My PC curriculum?

Over twenty 1-hour workshops are available for Windows 8 including introductory classes: "Meet the new Windows" and "Learn to navigate Windows 8." A 12-hour Introduction to Windows 7 course, ten 1-hour workshops and four 3-hour workshops are available for Windows 7.

The Windows 8 and Windows 7 curricula are suitable for business and home users working to achieve personal enrichment or workforce development. View the workshop descriptions page for more information.

What does the My PC Series offer?

  • Access to a complete, comprehensive, and free set of delivery materials for each of the My PC courses and workshops, including instructor guide, a set of PowerPoint slides, student handouts, and a collection of course files needed to deliver each course or workshop.
  • Access to free materials to support instructors in evaluating the curriculum, learning the software, and preparing to teach, including white papers, and software resource kits.
  • A full suite of marketing materials and guidance to help attract students, such as customizable flyers, catalog ads in a variety of sizes, and e-mail templates.

Download an evaluation toolkit

A free toolkit is available to help evaluate the benefits of the My PC Series. The toolkit includes a program overview, course outlines, and sample content.

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See how to access the program toolkits, workshop materials, instructor guides, and the classroom setup guides for all of the My PC Series workshops.